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Mangrove Paddleboarding (SUP) Safari

The Belize Sailing School is now offering Paddleboarding / SUP mangrove safaris around the west side of San Pedro which many tourists never get to see. The boat trip alone is awesome, but paddling through the narrow channels with mangrove either side is a delight.

Paddleboarding San Pedro Belize SUP San Pedro Belize

Paddleboarding has never been so good 🙂

Here is a great review of this exciting adventure

Some snippets include “For those of you that have not done it but are interested and want to know more, think of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a cross between kayaking and surfing, minus the big waves, plus a paddle.

Many people are daunted by this sport and should not be because anyone can do it. If you are reasonably steady on a bike or can walk a thin line, you can paddle board. A little balance, a great teacher to correct your form and you will be gliding across the water in no time.

And there is even a video of this great paddleboard adventure”


“This tour is an excellent way for beginners to see how they like paddleboarding and the boards at the sailing school are specifically geared towards easy learning. For expert level paddleboarders the location is tranquil and serene, plus you can set your own pace and make it a more challenging work out. The tour leaves from Belize Sailing School at Caribbean Villas Hotel and takes place north inline with Grand Caribe Resort and Captain Morgans (we could see them in the distance) on the west lagoon.”

Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style

Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style – This Is How We Do It!

So much fun was had with Laurie of  We can seriously recommend visiting her site for everything you need to know about a Belize Vacations and there are some super deals on flights and other things.  However we recommend to take her advice seriously about wearing a firm swimsuit to avoid those “Streaker Moments” when having kiteboarding lessons 🙂

We have 2 world renown kiteboarding instructors to help take you from beginner to advanced trick riding.  We have the warmest, clearest and shallowest waters in the Caribbean to play in.

Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style – This is how we do it 🙂

The following link is a great article

Some interesting quotes follow:

“Our teacher definitely had his work cut out for him trying to teach a dyslexic ADD tacogirl to remember the process. Which is a large part of why I was apprehensive at first with taking Kiteboarding Lessons – short term memory is a dyslexic issue. I have little control over what gets retained properly and often it takes serious repetition. Knowing my skinny ass would be airborne and that I would likely face plant a few times were also reasons for my trepidation”

“Audrius  is such an excellent instructor. He is informative, safety conscious and very patient. He made the Kiteboarding Lessons easy to understand and gave us a super fun adventure.  He kept an eye on us while we practiced and politely pointed out our mistakes so we knew what to work on.”

Top Kiteboarding Lessons tip for Girls: Wear a sturdy swimsuit ;) The force of the drag when you face plant is enough to give you a streaker moment, thankfully it did not happen to me and my bikini bottoms held their own. I will likely opt for a full suit when the day comes that we get to practice on the boards.”

Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Kiteboarding Belize


Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style – You’ll love it!

Belize Kiteboarding Lessons – Great Review

Belize Kiteboarding Lessons

Belize Kiteboarding Lessons

We had a great time taking out Kendall Beymer the proprietor of Ecologic Divers and Ecologic Cats for an exciting Kiteboarding  lessons on the back of the Island of San Pedro, Belize.  Come train with our International coaches who can train from beginner to advanced trick riding.  We offer kite safaris to the back of San Pedro where you can spend the day on your own desert island Kiteboarding in crystal clear waist high water for as far as the eye can see.

You can read about his great experience here;

Laser Sailing Lessons – Hiking

Laser Sailing Lessons – Hiking

Laser sailors often forget the endurance part of their training required to help race for solid hour long stretches at a time. When young, light weight sailors jump into Lasers this becomes very apparent. So as part of the Laser sailing lessons conducted by the Belize Sailing Center, we put them through a Pilates programme 2 nights a week.

Pilates develops inner core strength which enables the sailors to hike out for long periods of time. This is our Laser hiking bench and the aim is to stay in this position for an hour 🙂

Laser Sailing Lesson - Hiking Bench

When racing in heavy winds it is impossible to concentrate on your racing tactics if you can’t hike for long periods.  The pain is just to much of a distraction and becomes your main focus.  Being able to hike out comfortably for the whole race will make you a winner.  Training you mussels will take time and a lot of commitment but if you want to be ahead on those windy days it will make all the difference.  Win or lose its your choice.  As the saying goes “If you don’t hike, go home”.

Making your own hiking bench is one of the easiest ways to start your daily routine to build up your inner core strength.  Plans and ideas can be found here Laser Hiking Bench.  Why not make one and keep it in your living room so you can spend hours a day watching TV from it 🙂

Thanks to Rose,  our clients have already noticed improvements, Not only with the endurance of remaining in such an uncomfortable position, but they all walk round with their midriff’s exposed showing off their newly acquired 6 packs.  Laser Sailing lessons don’t get better than this 🙂  Feel the pain 🙂

Laser Sailing Lessons – Selection Regatta for Laser Youth Worlds

Laser Sailing Lessons – Selection for ISAF Laser Clinic

The following message was sent to all Sailing Clubs in Belize.

This year ISAF started the Emerging Nations Program for MNAs just like us.  The program is in the form of five clinics in key locations round the world.  ISAF have invited 3 junior sailors from Belize to the Americas Clinic in Antigua.

 Belize Sailing Lessons


From Antigua we hope to go to the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship 2015.  This year they are at Langkawi, Malaysia. We will be able to send one girl and one boy.  This too we hope to receive some funding from somewhere :-).


These races will be held in Laser Radials and the Belize Sailing School to provide free 5 day intensive Laser sailing lessons.  A 5 day selection regatta will follow. We will also try to provide free accommodation for sailors.

Laser Sailing Lessons –  28th March to 1st April.

Laser Selection Regatta: 2nd April to – 7th April.  Top 2 Boys and top Girl go to Antigua.

Places are limited to 8 and we invite clubs to put forward potential candidates.  Candidates for the Laser sailing lessons must meet the following criteria.

Candidates shall be under the age of 19 years on 31 December 2015.

  • Candidates shall be under the age of 19 years on 31 December 2015.
  • Candidates must be of Belizean Nationality.
  • Candidates must bring a valid passport.

Please remember the optimal weight for the Laser Radial is 121 to 159 lb (55 to 72 kg).  Lighter sailors will not be turned away though. Potential candidates you should consider are those sailors that have aged out of Optimists or are currently in the top 10 BzSA Optimist rankings.


Candidate names must be submitted to the Development Officer by sundown 16th February. We wish all the best of luck to all candidates.


Fair winds and following seas



Andrew Milner

Belize Sailing Association – Development Officer


Laser Lessons – Belize Sailing School gets 10 new Lasers

Belize Sailing School Starts Laser Lessons with arrival of New Fleet


With over 200,000 under sail, the Laser sailboat is the world’s most popular adult & youth racing class. Unlike the Optimist Fleet, the Laser is an Olympic class which opens up a sailing pathway for our aspiring youth. The International Laser Class Association ( recognizes 141 countries including Belize with Laser Sailboat fleets.

On Friday, January 30, 2015, The San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC), in partnership with The Belize Sailing School landed 10 factory-direct Lasers on the beach that the Club and the Belize Sailing School share in front of Caribbean Villas Hotel on Ambergris Caye.  Laser Lessons are conducted by by our International coach from Argentina with a solid background in training Laser World Champions to many podium positions.

Along with the new fleet came an International Sailing Coach with an awesome resume of training sailors to podium positions Laser World Champion events.

With the new arrivals it is the “coming of age” for the San Pedro Sailing Club as we have boats for sailors of all ages and the focus this year will be on adult participation.  The Sailing Club now has 27 boats ranging from Optimists to Hobie Catamarans. Last Sunday we saw 30+ sailors on the water, ranging between 8 and 72 years old!  30 new member have signed up for sailing lessons on the Lasers already.

Reasons why the Laser is so popular are its speed, fun and also the simplicity with which it can be transported and assembled.

Although simple, a Laser can provide many challenges for top sailors at Olympic level.

Laser Lessons in Belize

Unlike Belize’s fleet of Optimist dinghies which children cannot officially race after age 15, Lasers can be sailed by any age. Minors race Lasers against each other and even against adults.

The San Pedro Sailing Club and the Belize Sailing Center at Caribbean Villas Hotel will make the Lasers available for free Laser sailing lessons for cadet sailors who are now too old or simply too big for the Optimist dinghies.

The Belize Sailing School will offer it’s lasers for commercial rental and lessons.  The Belize Sailing School also plans to set time aside to train big enough cadets on its windsurfers and kiteboards for free.

For more information on the programs SPSC and the Belize Sailing School are developing with the help of BzSA and ISAF, call Andrew Milner, Commodore, SPSC, 632-4101.

Belize opens new Laser Sailing School

New Laser Sailing School Opens

Sailing School, Laser Optimist Kiteboarding windsurfing San Pedro Ambergris Caye Belize kayak rentals

Excitement abounds in the sailing community as the Belize Sailing Center gets ready to open up it’s new Laser Sailing School on Ambergris Caye, San Pedro.  Plans are unfolding for an International line up of professional coaches and trainers.  The main objective of the Sailing School is to leverage the commercial side of the operation to fund free training to the local sailing community.