Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style

Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style – This Is How We Do It!

So much fun was had with Laurie of  We can seriously recommend visiting her site for everything you need to know about a Belize Vacations and there are some super deals on flights and other things.  However we recommend to take her advice seriously about wearing a firm swimsuit to avoid those “Streaker Moments” when having kiteboarding lessons 🙂

We have 2 world renown kiteboarding instructors to help take you from beginner to advanced trick riding.  We have the warmest, clearest and shallowest waters in the Caribbean to play in.

Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style – This is how we do it 🙂

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Some interesting quotes follow:

“Our teacher definitely had his work cut out for him trying to teach a dyslexic ADD tacogirl to remember the process. Which is a large part of why I was apprehensive at first with taking Kiteboarding Lessons – short term memory is a dyslexic issue. I have little control over what gets retained properly and often it takes serious repetition. Knowing my skinny ass would be airborne and that I would likely face plant a few times were also reasons for my trepidation”

“Audrius  is such an excellent instructor. He is informative, safety conscious and very patient. He made the Kiteboarding Lessons easy to understand and gave us a super fun adventure.  He kept an eye on us while we practiced and politely pointed out our mistakes so we knew what to work on.”

Top Kiteboarding Lessons tip for Girls: Wear a sturdy swimsuit ;) The force of the drag when you face plant is enough to give you a streaker moment, thankfully it did not happen to me and my bikini bottoms held their own. I will likely opt for a full suit when the day comes that we get to practice on the boards.”

Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Kiteboarding Belize


Kiteboarding Lessons Belize Style – You’ll love it!