Laser Lessons – Belize Sailing School gets 10 new Lasers

Belize Sailing School Starts Laser Lessons with arrival of New Fleet


With over 200,000 under sail, the Laser sailboat is the world’s most popular adult & youth racing class. Unlike the Optimist Fleet, the Laser is an Olympic class which opens up a sailing pathway for our aspiring youth. The International Laser Class Association ( recognizes 141 countries including Belize with Laser Sailboat fleets.

On Friday, January 30, 2015, The San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC), in partnership with The Belize Sailing School landed 10 factory-direct Lasers on the beach that the Club and the Belize Sailing School share in front of Caribbean Villas Hotel on Ambergris Caye.  Laser Lessons are conducted by by our International coach from Argentina with a solid background in training Laser World Champions to many podium positions.

Along with the new fleet came an International Sailing Coach with an awesome resume of training sailors to podium positions Laser World Champion events.

With the new arrivals it is the “coming of age” for the San Pedro Sailing Club as we have boats for sailors of all ages and the focus this year will be on adult participation.  The Sailing Club now has 27 boats ranging from Optimists to Hobie Catamarans. Last Sunday we saw 30+ sailors on the water, ranging between 8 and 72 years old!  30 new member have signed up for sailing lessons on the Lasers already.

Reasons why the Laser is so popular are its speed, fun and also the simplicity with which it can be transported and assembled.

Although simple, a Laser can provide many challenges for top sailors at Olympic level.

Laser Lessons in Belize

Unlike Belize’s fleet of Optimist dinghies which children cannot officially race after age 15, Lasers can be sailed by any age. Minors race Lasers against each other and even against adults.

The San Pedro Sailing Club and the Belize Sailing Center at Caribbean Villas Hotel will make the Lasers available for free Laser sailing lessons for cadet sailors who are now too old or simply too big for the Optimist dinghies.

The Belize Sailing School will offer it’s lasers for commercial rental and lessons.  The Belize Sailing School also plans to set time aside to train big enough cadets on its windsurfers and kiteboards for free.

For more information on the programs SPSC and the Belize Sailing School are developing with the help of BzSA and ISAF, call Andrew Milner, Commodore, SPSC, 632-4101.