Laser Sailing Lessons – Hiking

Laser Sailing Lessons – Hiking

Laser sailors often forget the endurance part of their training required to help race for solid hour long stretches at a time. When young, light weight sailors jump into Lasers this becomes very apparent. So as part of the Laser sailing lessons conducted by the Belize Sailing Center, we put them through a Pilates programme 2 nights a week.

Pilates develops inner core strength which enables the sailors to hike out for long periods of time. This is our Laser hiking bench and the aim is to stay in this position for an hour 🙂

Laser Sailing Lesson - Hiking Bench

When racing in heavy winds it is impossible to concentrate on your racing tactics if you can’t hike for long periods.  The pain is just to much of a distraction and becomes your main focus.  Being able to hike out comfortably for the whole race will make you a winner.  Training you mussels will take time and a lot of commitment but if you want to be ahead on those windy days it will make all the difference.  Win or lose its your choice.  As the saying goes “If you don’t hike, go home”.

Making your own hiking bench is one of the easiest ways to start your daily routine to build up your inner core strength.  Plans and ideas can be found here Laser Hiking Bench.  Why not make one and keep it in your living room so you can spend hours a day watching TV from it 🙂

Thanks to Rose,  our clients have already noticed improvements, Not only with the endurance of remaining in such an uncomfortable position, but they all walk round with their midriff’s exposed showing off their newly acquired 6 packs.  Laser Sailing lessons don’t get better than this 🙂  Feel the pain 🙂