Mangrove Paddleboarding (SUP) Safari

The Belize Sailing School is now offering Paddleboarding / SUP mangrove safaris around the west side of San Pedro which many tourists never get to see. The boat trip alone is awesome, but paddling through the narrow channels with mangrove either side is a delight.

Paddleboarding San Pedro Belize SUP San Pedro Belize

Paddleboarding has never been so good 🙂

Here is a great review of this exciting adventure

Some snippets include “For those of you that have not done it but are interested and want to know more, think of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a cross between kayaking and surfing, minus the big waves, plus a paddle.

Many people are daunted by this sport and should not be because anyone can do it. If you are reasonably steady on a bike or can walk a thin line, you can paddle board. A little balance, a great teacher to correct your form and you will be gliding across the water in no time.

And there is even a video of this great paddleboard adventure”


“This tour is an excellent way for beginners to see how they like paddleboarding and the boards at the sailing school are specifically geared towards easy learning. For expert level paddleboarders the location is tranquil and serene, plus you can set your own pace and make it a more challenging work out. The tour leaves from Belize Sailing School at Caribbean Villas Hotel and takes place north inline with Grand Caribe Resort and Captain Morgans (we could see them in the distance) on the west lagoon.”